lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015


1.    Where was Columbus born?
a.     He was born in Genoa, Italy.
2.    Where did he die?
a.     He died in Valladolid.
3.    What was Columbus?
a.     He was an explorer and navigator.
4.    Who financed his journey?
a.     King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella financed Columbus’ journey.
5.    When did Columbus discover the “New World”?
a.     Columbus discovered the “New World” in 1492.
6.    Where did Catholic King and Queen rule?
a.     They ruled in Spain.
7.    Who did Catholic king and Queen expelled to?
a.     They expelled to the Muslims.
8.    Martín Alonso Pinzón captained__Pinta___
9.    Vicente Yañez Pinzón captained  ___Niña___
10.                      Where was Rodrigo de Triana born?
a.     He was born in Seville.
11.                      Where was Rodrigo de Triana when they discovered the “New World”?
a.     He was in the crow’s nest.
12.                    What did Hernán Cortés do?
a.     He defeated the Aztec empire and claimed Mexico for Spain.
13.                      What did Pizarro discover?
a.     He discovered the Pacific Ocean.
14.                      What did Pizarro found?
a.     Pizarro founded Lima as new capital.
15.                      Where was Francis Drake born?
a.     He was born in England.
16.                      What was he?
a.     He was a pirate.
17.                      Where was Bartolomeu Roberts born?
a.     He was born in Wales.
18.                      What did he drink?
a.     He drank tea
19.                      Where was Mary Read born?
a.     She was born in Wales
20.                      What was she?
a.     She was a soldier and a pirate.
21.                      Where was Anne Bonny born?
a.     She was born in Ireland
22.                      How did she dress?
a.     She dressed as a young man
23.                      What was Calicó Jack?
a.     He was an English Pirate.
24.                      What was Edward Teach recognized by?

a.     He was recognized by his big, black beard and his clothes.

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