jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

Empezamos nuevo proyecto: Tourism Fair

Tourism Fair

1.- The Environment

           How can we protect the environment?

1.- Save water
2.- Save  energy
3.- Drop litter in the bin
4.- Respect and protect the forest
5.- Reduce, reuse, recycle
6.- Sow plants
7.- Water the plants
8.- Use bikes or buses
9.- Follow the path
10.- pick dog poo
11.- Use recyclable bins
12.-Use the facilities in the propper way

13.- Don't use sprays
14.-Don't contaminate the water
15.- Don't use the petroleum
16.- Don't use cars
17.- Don't bath in rivers or lakes without permission
18.- Don't damage the trees
19.- Don't drop litter
20.- Don't climb trees
21.- Don'tcut trees
22.- Don't pick flowers, fruits or leaves
23.- Don't light fires
24.- Don't step on the grass

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