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Vocabulary we're going to use ( Vocabulario que vamos a utilizar)

11)      MATERIALS
a.       Wood
b.      Cardboard
c.       Stone
d.      Can
e.      Food
f.        Metal
g.       Fabric
h.      Foam
i.         Plastic
j.        Leather
k.       Paper
l.         Glass
m.    Battery
n.      Balloom
o.      Bottle
22)      TOOLS
a.       Hammer
b.      Screwdriver
c.       Wire
d.      Scissor
e.      Wrench
f.        Dril
g.       Sand paper
h.      Pliers
i.         Loupe
j.        Shovel
k.       Bucket
l.         Microscope
m.    Magnet
33)      ACTIONS
a.       Use
b.      Cut
c.       Mix
d.      Separate
e.      Join
f.        Put__in
g.       Watch
h.      Remove
i.         Change
j.        Break
k.       Burn
l.         Bend
m.    Sand
n.      Heat
o.      Boíl
p.      Freeze
q.      Cold
r.        Colour
s.       Stick
t.        Search
u.      Write
v.       Tear
w.     Fold
x.       Shatter
y.       Discover
a.       Albert Einstein: nuclear bomb, relativity theory
b.      Stephen Hawking: study of the universo
c.       Darwin: Human evolution
d.      Leonardo da Vinci: the flying machine
e.      Isaac Newton: the gravity theory
f.        Nikola Tesla: the electricity
g.       Charles Puckle: Puckle cannons
h.      Johannes Gutenberg: the printing press
i.         Alexander Grahan Bell: the telephone
j.        Ada Lovelace: computer program
k.       Thomas Edison: Light bulb
55)      ENERGY
a.       Renewable Energy:
                                                               i.      Eolic  Energy
                                                             ii.      Solar Energy
                                                            iii.      Termal Energy
                                                           iv.      Kinetic energy
                                                             v.      Hidraulic energy
b.      Non-renewable energy:
                                                               i.      Nuclear energy
                                                             ii.      Fossil fuel: petroleum, coal, natural gas
66)      MINERALS
a.       Copper
b.      Lead
c.       Calcium
d.      Potassium
e.      Sodium
f.        Gold
g.       Silver
h.      Diamond
i.         Turquoise
j.        Coal
k.       Bronze
l.         Quartz

m.    Graphite

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