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Information and examples about the places in the universe

·         Name of the place:
·         Is it big or small? It is…… It measures____km.
·         Geography (mountains, desert, water, lakes, rivers, oceans, forest….)
o   There are…
o   There is…
o   There aren’t….
o   There isn’t….
·         Km from the Sun
o   It is_________ km from the Sun
·         Near places
o   Example: Mars and The Earth are near to Jupiter  
·         Name of the galaxy:
o   Example: The milky way is the Galaxy where the Earth is located
·         Temperature
o   The highest temperature is______ degrees
o   The lowest temperature is _______ degrees
·         Animals
o   A traditional animal in ____ is the_____. It is …… It has….
·         Food
o   A traditional dish in _______ is the______. The ingredients are…..
·         Houses
o   The houses are….
·         Means of transport (travel)
o   The_____ is the means of transport in _________

·         People: (NO)

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Vocabulary 3

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Vocabulary 2

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vocabulary 1

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Comparative Sentences


1)    Planet Ripol is farther from the sun than Planet Amadala.
2)           Planet Amadala is nearer to the sun than Planet Ripol
3)    Planet Ripol is colder than planet Amadala
4)    Planet Amadala is hotter than Planet Ripol
5)    Planet Ripol is more mountainous than Planet Amadala
6)    Planet Amadala is flatter than Planet Ripol
7)    Planet Ripol has more food and animals than Planet Amadala
8)    Planet Amadala has less food and animals than Planet RIpol
9)    Planet Ripol has more superficial houses than Planet Amadala
10)      Planet Amadala has  deeper houses than planet Ripol
11) Planet Ripol has slower means of transport than Planet Amadala
12)      Planet Amadala has faster means of transport than planet Ripol
13)      Planet Ripol iw wetter than Planet Amadala
14)      Planet Amadala is drier than Planet Ripol
15)      People in Planet RIpol has hairier bodies than People in Planet Amadala
16)      People in Planet Amadala has harder bodies than  People in Planet Ripol
17)      People in Planet Ripol has flatter fingers than people in Planet Amadala
18)      People in Planet Amadala has flatter heads than people in Planet Ripol
19)      People in Planet Ripol has more fingers than people in Planet Amadala

20)      People in Planet Amadala has less fingers than people in Planet Ripol 

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Write comparative sentences

Read and complete

Read and complete the text:

·        Mercury is the __________ planet to the sun. It is also the__________ planet.
·        Mars is the __________ planet to the Earth. There are __________   and canyons on Mars. Mars is called the______  planet.
·        Venus is the _________ planet. There are thick _________ around Venus.
·        Neptune is the _________ planet, because it is the ________ planet from the sun.Jupiter is the _________ planet. It's eleven times___________ than the Earth!

J                Nearest (2)      smallest     biggest     bigger     red     hottest     coldest                             farthest    clouds   deserts


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Ordinal numbers

Planets in the solar system

Personal letter


 My name is… // I’m …
I’m ___ years-old
I live in_______ in ______
I like…
I don’t like…..
I speak……
I’ve got _______ eyes.
I’ve got ________ hair
My mother’s name is……
My father’s name is…..
I’ve got____brothers or sisters.
My favourite  colour/food/ subject….. is……

Informal Farewell                          Formal Farewell
Best wishes                                        Yours faithfully
Kind regards                                      Sincerely
Best regards