viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Information and examples about the places in the universe

·         Name of the place:
·         Is it big or small? It is…… It measures____km.
·         Geography (mountains, desert, water, lakes, rivers, oceans, forest….)
o   There are…
o   There is…
o   There aren’t….
o   There isn’t….
·         Km from the Sun
o   It is_________ km from the Sun
·         Near places
o   Example: Mars and The Earth are near to Jupiter  
·         Name of the galaxy:
o   Example: The milky way is the Galaxy where the Earth is located
·         Temperature
o   The highest temperature is______ degrees
o   The lowest temperature is _______ degrees
·         Animals
o   A traditional animal in ____ is the_____. It is …… It has….
·         Food
o   A traditional dish in _______ is the______. The ingredients are…..
·         Houses
o   The houses are….
·         Means of transport (travel)
o   The_____ is the means of transport in _________

·         People: (NO)

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