martes, 24 de enero de 2017

Description of a picture

1st. Focus on the main part of the picture

Useful language:
􀁹 This picture shows
􀁹 There is / there are
􀁹 I can see

2nd . Describe as much as you can.

Useful language:
􀁹 In the foreground / in the background
􀁹 On the right / on the left

3rd . Try to use your imagination to make assumptions.

Useful language:
􀁹 I think... Maybe / Perhaps...
􀁹 Modal verbs of deduction: she must / can’t / might be …
􀁹 She looks…(happy.)/ She looks like … (my little sister).

4th. You can also use personal stories

5th. Think about the WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW of each picture.

This is a picture of a little girl listening to music with headphones.
She’s about three years old. She’s got short fair hair and big dark eyes. She’s wearing …
The girl could be listening to classical music to improve her mind. Maybe her mother makes her listen to music...or maybe she just listens for fun. She might be listening to music on a train to pass the time. Maybe it isn't even music at all. She may be learning a language....a CD course perhaps.
The little girl is wearing headphones, like the ones my dad had when I was about 6 years old. I remember he used to use them to play the electric key board without bothering my mom. When I wore those headphones some of the black plastic would come off and get stuck on my ears and face. They were huge headphones...not like the ones you can buy today...

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